There is No Them

Lessons on leadership from the world of game development


What do leadership and game design have in common? It turns out they have a lot in common, as I have discovered while leading larger and larger teams through the building of many computer games. This blog is about the hard lessons I have learned about leadership, with the occasional connection to game design.

I am Joshua Howard. I have almost 20 years in the games/software industry, much of it leading teams and organizations. Recently I was an Executive Producer of a very large development effort at Realtime Worlds, and before that I lead the online side of Bella Sara at Hidden City Games. Previously I started, and eventually led, Carbonated Games, a casual games studio at Microsoft. Now I’m back at Microsoft, working to help bring our Flight experience to a broader audience.

Over the years I have come to realize that my passion and my gift is in bringing people together and leading them to do great things. I build, grow, and lead strong teams, and have learned a lot about leadership in the process. I lead those strong teams to deliver great products; at the end of the day its the quality of the products that lead to business success. I believe deeply in the following relationships: Invest in your team -> team delivers great products -> great products lead to business success. You can try to focus merely on great products, but I have found that starting with your people is the most sure fire way to success.

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The name There Is No Them will be explained in one of the posts. The quick version is this – by deciding to build ‘us’ at the expense of ‘them’, leaders ultimately limit the potential of their organization. To achieve out-of-this-world greatness leaders need to understand this lesson, and manifest it in everything they do.


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August 30, 2008 at 6:17 pm

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